What would a trip to Hawaii be without experiencing a Hawaiian lu'au? Learn about island history and culture while being dazzled by hula dancers and feasting on local delicacies.  What could be better?  The lu'au, or "Hawaiian-style" party is a must-do for any vacationer.  Even if you have been to a lu'au before, the west side of the island provides a variety of shows that feature different twists on the traditional pig-cooked-in-the-ground dinner and hula dance show.  Below are a few examples:  

King Kamehamea's Kona Beach Lu'au

A great traditional lu'au located at the beach front of Kailua Bay, it combines cultural demonstrations, live music, dances, and history of many Pacific cultures. 

Fairmont Orchid's Gathering of the Kings Lu'au 

A more theatrical lu'au show, guests are invited to visit the kings of the islands while feasting on a fabulous array of different cuisines from featured cultures of the Pacific. 

Sheraton's Firenesia Lu'au

This artistic production weaves dramatic storytelling with cultural dances for a lu'au show like no other.  And as the name suggests, Firenesia will leave you spellbound with lots of fire action.

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King Kamehamea's Kona Beach Lu'au

Fairmont Orchid's Gathering of the Kings  Lu'au 

Sheraton's Firenesia Lu'au